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Welcome to Classroom306, a learning resource for web developers that features academic-quality writings on various topics. We aim to have the most in-depth, precise lessons on the web - so that every detail you need to know about a topic is brought to your attention. We believe that in this business, precision is everything; and we only publish lessons that meet the level of quality we aim to deliver.

Who are our lessons for?

We won't lie: web development is very rewarding, but can be very challenging. A Classroom306 tutorial does not try to hide this fact. Because our tutorials are so unique in the level of precision, the writing is reflective of scientific writing. It reads like an academic publication. What does this mean? It means the sentence structure can at times be long and complex, but few specialized words are used. If you have a novice level of web development experience and you're willing to invest the time to understand complex descriptions of concepts, Classroom306 is the learning center for you.

For more experienced developers, the material on this site is inspired by the observation that certain topics are covered on the web - often at many locations - but never covered well. The undertanding of a topic among the development community at large often involves multiple sources with partial or erroneous understandings of the topic, which gradually correct one another. Classroom306 aims to do the research for you: to assess and re-articulate the various understandings of a topic, so as to be a single, authoritative point of reference. We can offer you an explanation of a topic from a fresh angle that helps you understand it better.

Why the name "Classroom306"?

Isn't 306 a great number?